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Case Hardening Steel Bright Bars

Manufactured from the 20MnCr5, SAE-8620, and EN-353 type of steel, our range of Case Hardening Steel Bright Bars is widely acclaimed for its high strength and smooth surface. These Case Hardening Steel Bright Bars are generally used for parts where direct hardening is preferred as Gears, Pinions, Lay Shafts, Cam Shafts, Lifting Gears, Chains etc.


Type of SteelCSiMnNiCrMoSPUTS Kg/mm2Yield StrgnthBHNElongation %
20MnCrS0.17 0.220.10 0.351.0 1.3-0.80 1.10705521024
SAE 86200.18 0.230.20 0.350.70 0.900.40 0.700.40 0.600.15 0.250.04 Max0.04 Max715821522
EN 3530.200.350.50 1.001.00 1.500.75 1.250.08 0.15736021918