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Ball Bearing Steel Bright Bars

We bring forth a quality range of, Ball Bearing Steel Bright Bars, in the market. We use EN-31 and SAE-52100 type of steel for manufacturing these Bright Bars. These are spheroidized annealed cold drawn / ground bars produced from hot rolled  bars/wire rods. These have high resisting nature against wear and severe abrasion. Its components  can be subjected to high surface loading.These are widely used in manufacturing ball, needle and taper roller bearings, taps, drills, punches, injector pins, dowel pins etc.


Type of SteelCSiMnCrVUTS Kg./mm2Yield Strength Kg./mm2BHNElongation %
EN-310.90 1.200.10 0.350.30 0.751.10 1.60-958524010
100CR60.95 1.100.15 0.350.20 0.401.35 1.65----
SAE-521000.95 1.100.15 0.300.25 0.451.30 1.600.15978724010

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